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Created 25-Feb-19
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In February 2019, I spent a week at Canopy Lodge, in Darien Province, on the eastern side of Panama. I was lucky enough to see and photograph both Harpy Eagle and Crested Eagle, two of the Western Hemisphere's largest and rarest raptors, as well as nearly a hundred other species.

My thanks to the great folks at the Canopy Family, and especially my guides, Carlos Bethancourt and Moyo Rodriguez.

I hope you enjoy the photos.
Yellow-throated TrogonAmerican Pygmy KingfisherBananquitBarred Antshrike (f)Barred Antshrike (m)Barred PuffbirdBat FalconBi-colored WrenBlack OropendolaBlack VultureBlack-capped DonacobiusBlack-capped Pygmy-TyrantBlack-collared HawkBlack-crowned (Western Slaty) AntshrikeBlack-tailed TrogonBlack-throated MangoBlack-throated TrogonBlue and Yellow MacawBlue CotingaBlue-black Grosbeak

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