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Allison Woeger(non-registered)
I've enjoyed your photographs over several years as I'm a fan of Wickersham. Happy to have looked at this collection. The barn swallow post sent me here. I live in suburban area in upstate New York (Fingerlakes region) and have had barn swallows nest under our porch roof for years until, sadly, the last nesting was despoiled by blue jays. The swallows never returned. Another mosquito eating machine, lovely coloring and fun to watch the hatchlings develop.
Sharon Hallowell(non-registered)
Finally had a chance to spend some time with your images!...Nice website and a wonderful time spent here...with lots of birds and great images I've not had the pleasure of seeing before. Thank you!
I received your 2014 calendar as a happy new year gift. Absolutely beautiful.
mike at photorasa(non-registered)
I really like the bird images here, sharp interesting photos of birds of Alaska like penguins and puffins I would never normally have the chance to see up close. thanks :)
Dave Doulgas(non-registered)
You have a fabulous portfolio. The clarity of the images are outstanding. I particularly like the Penguin Album. Perhaps another subject area could be around Ravens. I would guess that the animated nature of Ravens would results in some spectacular photos capturing their mischievous character and intelligence.

Thank you for sharing your photos with all of us.
Frozen Feather Images
Someone using the email name "ping pong" posted a badly-written advertisement for nature photographer Marc Adamus to this Guestbook. WC recognizes that all photographers have to make a living. But this is WC's site, and it is discourteous, at least, for another photographer to advertise his wares on WC's site.

So the Guestbook entry has been deleted.

Oh, and WC knows Adamus's work, and doesn't agree he is "a greatest adventurer [sic] and landscape photographer on earth at this moment ."
Pam T.(non-registered)
I really enjoyed looking at your photos. You have a tremendous eye and talent. Thanks for sharing.
gerd jaunich(non-registered)
Great stuff. Love owls.

Was on Olympus site looking over the Zuiko Lens ED 300mm f2.8 lens. Saw your review.
Glenn M(non-registered)
Great blog - keep up the good work, it's great to read something written by someone with intelligence (almost a lost art).

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.”
― Robert Lynd
Pat Gaedeke(non-registered)
I am crazy about birds, love your blog and your photos. Is it possible to slow down the slideshow, as I would like to linger with each image a bit longer.
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