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Western Sandpipers in FlightAmerican Avocet ReflectionsPile o' PeepsBald Eagle PortraitGandalf, the Great Horned OwlPine Grosbeak FemaleAmerican White PelicanChukarShort-eared OwlLoggerhead ShrikeHorned LarkWestern MeadowlarkRed Fox PortraitRed-breasted NuthatchLeast ChipmunkRed-necked PhalaropeSpruce GrouseSolitary SandpiperBonaparte's Gull Juvenile

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Guestbook for Best of 2012
Jim DeWitt/Frozen Feather Images
And yet they win prizes, and people buy them. Charitable organizations use them in their fundraising efforts. For profit organizations use them in advertising and hang copies in their business places. Perhaps your judgment is imperfect?

If you want to discuss it further, provide a link to your work and we'll compare.


Jim DeWitt
Frozen Feather Images
if this is the 'best of', I'd hate to see 'the worst of'!
Stick to birding.. please. Your photos are horrid.
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