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Created 30-Sep-15
34 photos

I visited St. Paul Island and its extraordinary birds in the spring of 2014. These are some of the photos I was able to obtain. I don't know of another place as relatively easily accessible with as many unusual birds.
Red-faced CormorantRed-faced CormorantNorthern FulmarLong-tailed DuckWandering TattlerRock SandpiperRock SandpiperRed-necked PhalaropeBlack-legged KittiwakeBlack-legged KittiwakeRed-legged KittiwakeRed-legged Kittiwake JuvenileRed-legged KittiwakeRed-legged KittiwakeRed-legged Kittiwake YawningRed-legged KittiwakeThick-billed MurreCommon and Thick-billed MurreParakeet AukletParakeet Auklet

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