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Created 14-Feb-13
120 photos

I spent two weeks in Costa Rica in January 2013 photographing birds. Some of the photos from that trip are here. Most are available in sizes to 11 x 14.
Resplendant Quetzal MaleResplendant Quetzal FemaleResplendant Quetzal MaleCollared TrogonBroad-winged HawkGray HawkRoadside HawkRoadside HawkRoadside HawkSemiplumbeous HawkYellow-headed CaracaraFerruginous Pygmy-OwlCosta Rican Pygmy-OwlCrested OwlBlack VultureVolcano HummingbirdViolet SabrewingMagnificent HummingbirdGreen VioletearViolet-crowned Woodnymph

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